We develop customizable digital solutions that help expats, international workers and refugees when settling in a foreign country.


International workers, expats and refugees find themselves struggling when resettling. They lack key information on bureaucratic systems, culture and institutions, making integration and productivity at work a daunting task.


A digital knowledge bank, that is accessible and easily searchable at any time, with up-to-date explanations on key topics and notifications.

What we do

Our apps keep our users updated on all they need to know, including laws, practices and culture. Information at their fingertips, so they can spend their time being productive employees and community members.

Hello Expat

We collect all the information expats in Denmark need, to navigate society on their own and gain cultural insight.

FAIR Integration

We believe all refugees deserve a FAIR chance, when fleeing their home country. Therefore, we are developing an maintaining FAIR INtegration - an app that helps refugees in Denmark navigate society in their mothertongue.

International Work

We are working together with national and international NGOs - including Amnesty International in Ireland, to help refugees gain access to information in a more than one language. Want to know more?